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**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Crayon poudre magique ou vernis gel?

Magic powder pencil or gel polish?

If you are part of our community of Looky addicts, you are surely a fan of our 3 in 1 Gel Polish . And you know what? We have good news for you! Some time ago we launched our Magic Powder Pencil, which acts like a nail polish in a revolutionary metallic powder form: it will change the routine for your nails! Shall we tell you more about this new beauty tip?


Gel polish, the unbeatable for stunning nails

The 3 in 1 Gel Polish is a bit like our trademark. Both easy to apply and resistant to shock, it is the preferred choice for all those who want a salon-like manicure, but at home. Our favorite thing about it? The 3 in 1 Gel Polish acts as a base, a polish and a finish. After having properly prepared your nail, apply a first coat of polish and cure under a LED/UV lamp. Repeat the operation as many times as there are layers of polish. Result: a gorgeous manicure and more time to enjoy it!

How to remove gel polish?

To remove gel polish, nothing could be simpler! Simply apply our Miracle Remover like a regular nail polish, then peel it off using our Peeler Tool . You can also choose the Steam Off solution: by placing your fingers in the machine, the polish will come off easily, thanks to the acetone vapor. Simply use a cuticle stick to easily remove the polish.

Magic Powder Pencil for easy chrome nails

Have you ever tried powder polish? Our Magic Powder Pencil is a real magician and transforms your manicure into a whole new creation! How to use it? After your usual manicure with a 3 in 1 Gel Polish, catalyze for 30 seconds, and forget the finishing polish step! Instead, grab the Magic Powder Pencil of your choice and rub your nail with the pencil. Don't hesitate to refill the brush in the cap to pick up more pigment and create a more or less pronounced effect. Once this step is completed, all you have to do is apply a layer of Finishing Gel Polish and cure for 60 seconds under the lamp. Tadaam, your new manicure is ready!

Find out how to apply your Magic Powder Pencil easily: 

How to remove the Magic Powder Pencil?

To remove the Magic Powder Pencil, simply follow the same procedure as to remove the 3 in 1 Gel Polish!

đŸ’…đŸ» 3 good reasons to succumb to the Magic Powder Pencil đŸ’…đŸ»

  • It easily finds a small place in your bag
  • You can take it on a trip, without taking the risk of it sinking
  • You can change your manicure in seconds without having to go through the nail polish remover step

Discover our selection of Magic Powder Pencils ✏✚

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