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Comment avoir un vernis qui tient longtemps ?

How to have a nail polish that lasts a long time?

Tired of flaking varnish: our tips for a concrete manicure!

We agree, there's nothing that can ruin a day like noticing that your fresh manicure is already chipped! To have a polish that lasts a long time, a few precautions must be taken. Our team of experts has selected the best tips for an impeccable manicure that lasts for good!


Prepare your nails properly


First of all, know that good preparation is the key to a polish that lasts a long time. We start with an essential step: apply a night nail serum. Its action? It regenerates your nails while you sleep! So that the polish can adhere well to the surface, good cleaning is important, the same goes for filing which will allow you to have a very smooth surface before applying your polish. You can also take care of your cuticles by regularly applying a suitable oil which helps soften and soften the cuticles.

Apply a base


If your manicure doesn't last long and your nails remain colored: you need a base! It's a good habit to get into, for gel polishes but also regular ones (without a lamp), this will allow your manicure to last longer while protecting your nails. Depending on your needs, you can choose a strengthening, smoothing or calcium base. We promise you will quickly see the difference!

Builder Base vs Rubber Base: which one to choose?

For a base that really lasts a long time, you can opt for one of our two gel bases. But what's the difference?

Builder Base : helps solidify and harden the nail

Rubber Base : helps smooth the surface of the nail

Discover our selection of nail bases

Catalyze the indicated duration


If you are used to our 3 in 1 Gel Polish, you are probably already comfortable with the catalysis step! We would still like to remember this point, because it is essential to respect the recommended catalysis times. Without this, your polish may not last as long and therefore chip.

Apply several thin coats of polish

We know it's tempting to apply a thick coat of polish, telling yourself that the more you put on, the more likely it will last! But in reality, it is better to apply two or three thin coats of polish. It will take you a little more time, but the hold of your manicure will be significantly improved. Don't forget to catalyze well between each layer!


Apply a finishing polish


This is THE secret to having a polish that lasts a long time. Once your last layer of polish is completely dry, apply a finishing polish which will protect your manicure. Don't forget to catalyze well too so your manicure is finished!

Moisturize your nails after the manicure


After a manicure with 3 in 1 Gel Polish, your nails really need hydration! To take care of your hands, you can apply a nourishing cream, but also soften your cuticles with oil. Do you want more tips for taking care of your hands, especially in winter? See you here!

Avoid situations where the varnish may flake

Right after getting a manicure, there are several activities you should avoid:

  • Doing the dishes (especially without gloves), your nails risk hitting different objects
  • Take a hot bath (or a hot shower), as hot water may peel off your nail polish
  • Avoid any manual activity that could damage your nail polish right after your manicure


Bonus tip for small manicure touch-ups

If you notice that your manicure is damaged in only a few places, don't hesitate to recoat it to extend its life. You can also have fun reinventing it by adding glitter or nail art on top without needing to redo your entire manicure. Don't hesitate to add a new layer of top coat to extend (even more) your manicure.

Still not satisfied with your manicure?

If, despite our advice, your nail polish is still flaking, don't hesitate to make an appointment with one of our manicurists, she will be able to show you the right steps to take for a perfect manicure and a nail polish that lasts a long time!

Make an appointment for a manicure

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