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All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Vernis d’automne: quelle couleur choisir cette saison?

Autumn varnish: what color to choose this season?

Autumn is the most beautiful season to admire colors. It's also the best time to reinvent yourself, to work on your outfits and makeup and to try out new manicures. To make sure you shine this fall, we present to you the latest trends of the season.

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(Inspiration: Pinterest)

Yellows and oranges to prolong the summer

For sunny nails, which vibrate to the rhythm of the Indian summer, shades of yellow and orange are a good choice to delay (a little more) the arrival of winter. We wear them with a hoodie for a casual effect or with a classic dress for a more chic effect.

A cross between pumpkin pie and caramel candy, our David polish is a beautiful burnt orange, our number one choice for a fall manicure.

Our yellow and orange varnishes


Blues and greens, perfect for mystical manicures

Fall is the ideal season for manicures that reflect the colors of nature. With shades between blue and green, we think of coniferous forests or undergrowth which are adorned with darker shades.

We highly recommend our Rosemary, a beautiful vegetable persimmon reminiscent of the undergrowth, perfect for awakening the witch in you . 

Our blue and green varnishes


(Inspiration: Pinterest)

Reds for classic and timeless nails

A classic choice, red is always the shade to choose for an elegant manicure. In autumn, the shades become deeper and tinged with burgundy, purple and aubergine: rich and warm colors reminiscent of autumn leaves and the harvest of sun-drenched grapes.

Anchored in the shades of autumn, our Gabriela nail polish is a burgundy red with delicate shades of brown. Its very dark color goes wonderfully with all fall looks.

Our red nail polishes


(Inspiration: @andreanneguimond)

Browns and beiges to anchor the nude trend

For several seasons, naturalness has been in fashion with neutral and basic color palettes that can match many styles. And what could be better than nails adorned with brown or beige to blend in perfectly with the fall period?

Our little favorite? Our Cacao polish, a beautiful gourmet latte brown, which goes wonderfully with a good cup of hot chocolate. 

Our brown and beige varnishes

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