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**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Soin des ongles: 3 produits pour des ongles éclatants

Nail care: 3 products for the perfect nails

A beautiful manicure is nothing without healthy nails! Do you find your nails brittle? Damaged? Yellowed? Here are all our tips for healthy and glowy nails!


How to have beautiful nails naturally?

Here are our 10 commandments to have perfect nails, winter and summer!

1. Your nails, you will not bite

As we all know, nail biting is often a bad habit brought on by stress. But don't worry, there are tricks you can use to better manage your emotions. Yoga, meditation or relaxation exercises will help you relax while protecting your nails. We also suggest Bitter Polish which should dissuade the most daring!

2. The temperature, you will watch

Nails are particularly sensitive to temperature changes. To avoid weakening them, you need to be vigilant, whatever the season. In summer, avoid chlorine and prolonged exposure to the sun. In winter, wear gloves outdoors and avoid spending too much time in hot showers or baths.

3. Your cuticles, you will pamper

Yes, we don't think about it enough, but taking care of your cuticles is the secret to perfect nails. To avoid dry skin around your nails, we recommend using a cuticle oil. You'll be left with very soft skin!

4. Your nails, you will protect

To take care of your nails, the best thing to do is to space out the manicures, especially if you are a fan of our 3 in 1 Gel Polish or our Lampless Nail Polish . Even if we love having a freshly done manicure, sometimes it is necessary to take a little break to prevent your nails from becoming fragile and soft. Also think about using a product like Steam Off, which removes the polish more gently than a classic nail polish remover. 

5. The art of the file, you will master

The nail file is a particularly precise tool, but you have to know how to master it. If you don't always file in the same direction or too regularly, you risk ending up with damaged or even split nails!

6. Your hands, you will moisturize

Taking care of your manicure is also taking care of your skin. We advise you to use a moisturizing hand cream, with a gentle formula. A good habit to put in place as soon as possible!

7. Gloves, you will wear

Nothing is worse for the nails than being exposed to chemicals. When you have planned a day of DIY or major cleaning, remember to always wear gloves to protect your nails, but also to protect your hands!

8. A base, you will use

If you use our 3 in 1 Gel Polish, they already have a base and topcoat included in their formula! With regular polish or Rubber Base , remember to apply a base with your polish. This step protects the nail to prevent it from becoming coloured or damaged on contact with the polish.

9. Oil baths, you will try

We know the benefits of oil baths on the hair; but you should know that it also works for nails. To strengthen brittle nails, simply immerse your hands for ten minutes in a vegetable oil. You can also simply add a few drops of oil to a bowl of hot water.

10. Humidity, you will avoid

In case of prolonged contact with humidity, such as repeated baths for example, your nail can become soft. Be careful not to subject your manicure to too frequent humidity.

For yellowed nails: our Whitening Base whitening-looky-base

Yellow nails can be caused by several factors:

  • Tobacco
  • Too frequent application of polish
  • A pathology (in this case, consult a doctor to see what is the best treatment to follow)

In the first two cases, we recommend you to use our Whitening Base, it is applied like a regular nail polish or as a base. Result: a revived and luminous nail!

For ridged nails: our Smoothing Base smoothing-looky-base

If you have ridged nails, then you need smoothing treatments to fix them. Ridged nails can be caused by:

  • Repeated application of polish
  • A poor diet
  • Age (it's a bit like wrinkles on the skin!)
  • A disease or disorder (such as chronic stress for example)

Our Smoothing Primer is perfect for strengthening and protecting your nails, while giving them a smooth look. You can use it as a base under your regular polish or apply it alone.

For damaged nails: our Calcium Base base-calcium-looky

Damaged nails can be a source of complexes and discomfort. In general they can be caused by:

  • The use of chemical products without suitable protection
  • Repeated application of polish
  • Iron or vitamin deficiency

Our solution: use the Calcium Base, specially formulated to strengthen and fortify damaged nails. You can apply it as a base under your regular polish or apply it alone.

Need advice?

For all your beauty and nail questions, don't hesitate to contact us or make an appointment directly with one of our manicurists.

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