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Ciao Bella, road trip dans les Cinque Terre

Ciao Bella, road trip to Cinque Terre

As autumn begins to rear its ugly head, at Looky, summer continues. Here, we live to the rhythm of la dolce vita, between well-dressed pizzas, walks at sunset and bursts of colorful laughter. For this new collection, we take you to lands bathed in sun, almost 365 days a year. Welcome to Cinque Terre, following the tempo of our 12 colors.


Polishes in the colors of Italy

For our new collection, it's simple: we have condensed all the beauty of Italy into twelve vibrant, sun-drenched colors. The Cinque Terre is, first of all, the warmth of the Italian Riviera, these coves and these extraordinary landscapes which give all the charm to this destination. It is customary to say that the villages of Cinque Terre are connected like the five fingers of a hand. Grab your best hat and your best Italian accent and hit the road with us!

7:30 a.m. Shades of azure.

In the early morning, the light creates cozy and delicate ambiances. Nature gently awakens and it's the best time to enjoy a nice walk in the fresh air. The Azzuro trail offers breathtaking views of the sometimes azure, sometimes turquoise shades of the Mediterranean. A precious moment to keep deep within yourself, like the promise of a magnificent summer day.

The associated polish: Lydia

9am. Vitamin lunch.

For a trip to Italy, we anchor ourselves in the moment to enjoy every little moment of everyday life. Here, everything is an opportunity to create an event, even the simplest moments. To start the day, enjoy a delicious fresh orange juice, prepared with love and fresh citrus fruits. Lulled by the breath of the Mediterranean and the warmth of the Southern sun, the fruits have a slightly more intense taste than elsewhere.

The associated polish: Lexia

9:45 a.m. Fine sand and sunny break.

La dolce vita is taking the time to do things at your own pace. Grab a towel, your swimsuit and a good book, and head to the beach for a relaxing and tanning session (don't forget your sunscreen!). Time seems to stand still for a true solar interlude.

The associated polish: Victoria

11:30 a.m. Zest, pulp and vitamins.

In the village of Monterosso, we make a stopover for the Lemon Festival. The walls, decorations and even outfits are adorned with bright yellow to properly celebrate this delicious citrus fruit. Lemonade or Limoncello, the hardest part will be choosing which drink to sip first!

The associated polish: Lauriane

12:45 p.m. Pizza, sun, good humor.

After a busy morning, the stomach begins to rumble and the many colorful restaurants seem to be waiting just for us. A good pizza to share, aromas of basil and tomato flavors invade the taste buds for a real moment of conviviality.

The associated polish: Annick

2 p.m. Local flavor workshop.

To stay on the culinary theme, nothing better than meeting locals and getting your hands dirty. Take part in a workshop to make your own pesto and unravel the mysteries of this emblematic Italian condiment.

The associated polish: Dota

3 p.m. Hiking, nature and effort.

In Italy, nature can be admired, but above all, it can be experienced. With its coasts shaped by time and the elements, the Cinque Terre National Park offers more than 120 km of trails for hiking. Choose the path that you like the most and enjoy panoramas worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

The associated polish: Katie

5 p.m. Comfort and frozen treat.

What would a trip to Italy be without a good gelato? Savor your favorite Italian ice cream flavor and enjoy the fading light at the end of the day. A beautiful initiation to the sweetness of Italian life and an ode to pleasure.

The associated polish: Lily-Rose

6:30 p.m. Wanderings and oleander.

The village of Manarola is known for its magnificent viewpoint, surrounded by brightly colored oleanders. A true delight for the eyes, it is also a sensory journey, between Mediterranean fragrances, the sound of cicadas and landscapes of picturesque villages.

The associated polish: Mireille

7:30 p.m. Kayaking and sunset.

During the golden hour, an atmosphere of magic settles over the Cinque Terre. Grab a pair of paddles and go with the flow. Kayaking in Italy is the best way to admire the villages from the sea and experience a sunset that you will never forget.

The associated polish: Monique

8:30 p.m. Dinner and colorful village.

No matter where you decide to stop for dinner, you will inevitably be transported to a setting frozen in time, where the colorful facades compete in beauty with the Mediterranean and where the singing accent of the inhabitants resonates in every alley.

The associated polish: Jenna

10 p.m. Night owl and refined beverage.

To end this day in Italy in style, sit on the terrace of the first bistro you see and order a glass of typical wine like Prosecco or Lambrusco.

The associated polish: Rita

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