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All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Regard de biche garanti: Looky Eyes 3D et Looky Brow

Doe gaze guaranteed: Looky Eyes 3D and Looky Brow

We all know it: the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes! Without eyebrows we would look sick and white as a ghost! It's clear! And yet we tend to neglect them

To be honest, I am the first not to take care of it! I am a bit of a lazy person in life and I like to reduce the steps in my makeup routine as much as possible!

In the mornings, I limit myself to a quick brush stroke on my eyebrows to straighten them, then I fix them with a transparent gel to have that wild and natural look! That's all I do! but I still feel like they're missing a little something! But I don't know what

Recently, I had the chance to test the product "Looky Brow" from the Elle R Cosmetics brand and I was impressed by its effectiveness! I absolutely had to tell you about it today because I'm more than sure you'll adopt it!

This is a nylon bristle brush that helps shape eyebrows and fill in small holes! The ultimate solution for many of us! I know!

Basically, I have thick and full eyebrows but once my makeup is done I find that my eyebrows lose a lot of their intensity and become like "dusty" due to the foundation used! and frankly! it's ugly!

Looky brow has finally allowed me to rediscover this intensity which remains very subtle and to have a harmonious makeup!

The good thing about this product is that you can achieve a variety of looks: you can easily go from natural eyebrows for the office to structured eyebrows for a little happy hour with colleagues, to more dramatic ones for clubbing! (my little secret! I use it to fill a small void on the top of my head and it works very well

As for the application, it is super easy: Just pass the tinted product over the hairs in a back and forth motion without going beyond the natural line of the eyebrows.

Thanks to its precision, the applicator allows you to play with the shape of the eyebrows by going from a straight and thin shape to a thicker one or even with a large arch '! In short, it's up to you to play with the applicator as well as the amount of fiber to achieve the desired effect.

Elle R Cosmetics has thought of everyone and designed the product in three shades: dark blonde, brown and dark brown! Because I have ruined myself like many of you 'I guess' by getting all the mascaras in the world and creating the need to have eyelash extensions done that sometimes cost an arm and I'm talking to you today' hui of another revolutionary product designed by the same company and which will undoubtedly change your morning routine just like me!

Once again, Elle R Cosmétique thought of giving us even more character to our pretty little face by designing the famous ‘Looky Eyes 3D mascara: an innovative duo of gel and green tea fibers and nylon! A must have for a doe look!

The duo promises voluminous, thick and longer eyelashes! Having tested the product several times, I can confirm that ‘Looky Eyes 3D provides unimaginable volume: they look like extensions! I love the effect on my eyes. From now on, my eyes are bigger and more enlightened! However, I didn't notice a difference in the length! It must also be said that I did not follow the instructions to the letter!

I forgot to buy batteries for my heated eyelash curler)

2-Apply your favorite mascara (for the moment I use that of Essence: I love extreme)

3-Apply a brush stroke soaked in creamy preparation gel on all the eyelashes

4-Apply the 2nd mascara brush filled with fibers on the preparation gel before it dries

5-Finally, iron a last shot of gel to fix the fibers!

-> Be careful not to forget the last step otherwise you risk having the fibers scattered all over the underside of your eyes! not only is it ugly, it's super disturbing!

The fibers of green tea and nylons In short, the duo is a top for me: easy to apply, fast? not too honestly for someone who wakes up at the last minute and leads a timed pace in the mornings! Affordable? oh que ouii: the duo costs $ 25.99 and is available in all pharmacies in Quebec and also online: Regarding the 'Looky Brow' you will also find it in all pharmacies and online for the modest sum $ 19.99

* PS: the brand also offers thickening hair fibers for those who suffer from hair loss:

Source: AA Style Blog

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