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**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Quiz: Des couleurs pour faire briller ton été

Quiz: Colors to make your summer shine

Are you looking for your ideal nail polish for the summer? This year, the latest trend is towards shades that match your summer!

Put away the shades of pink and nude for next spring, and let's go with more colourful nails!

At Looky, we have colours for all tastes and preferences, but here are some ideas to find the shades that will go best with your tan (or not!)

So prepare your manicure and pedicure, we'll find you THE perfect colour for summer 2023. Ready?


What colour of polish to wear for the summer?

For the summer, we love bringing out our favorite flowy dresses, our colourful shirts and we also like to adapt our makeup to the trends of the season! This season, if you want to dip your toes in the popular trends, we recommend vibrant shades such as oranges, reds and for the more adventurous, yellows are seen everywhere in this summer's trends. At the end of the season, go back to lighter colours like beautiful luminous whites, which will enhance your tanned complexion and which go with all outfits.

We've put together a little quiz to help you make your choice:


Quiz to find your summer colour


For you, the perfect summer afternoon is more about:
A. Meeting on the terrace with your friends
B. A good nap before dancing the night away
C. A relaxing afternoon at the beach

If you had to bring only one item on your vacation, it would be:
A. Your phone
B. Your glitter eyeshadow palette
C. Sunscreen

Your ideal destination to enjoy the holidays:
A. A gourmet destination
B. A large bustling city
C. A small seaside resort

Your favorite summer dinner:
A. A picnic with friends
B. A dinner at a fancy restaurant
C. One-on-one at sunset

If you were to be a flower, you would be:
A. A sunflower: you take advantage of every ray of sunshine
B. A four o'clock flower: you only blossom after nightfall
C. A colourful hibiscus: your favorite season is obviously summer

If you have a highest number of A

Happy Hour: never without my cocktail


6 p.m. A terrace. A very fresh spritz. Laughter. Your favorite band of friends. This is the best way for you to enjoy your summer! So that your nails match your favorite cocktails, we create for you the 12 jelly colours of 3-in-1 Gel Polish from our Happy Hour collection. Let yourself be tempted by roses as delicate as a cosmopolitan or by our soft orange-yellows, for a manicure to match the mimosa of your next brunch.

Shall we meet for happy hour?

Our favorite: The Mojito colour , a soft and zesty green, perfect for refreshing your nails this summer! The whole collection can be found here .


If you have a highest number of B

Neon: flashy colors for night owls


Summer for you is THE time to shine. As soon as night falls, you take advantage of the warm evenings to walk the lively and festive streets, which you illuminate with your presence. A fan of festivals, you proudly wear the most colourful outfits and you love being the star of the evening. Inspired by fireworks and colourful evenings, Neon is a collection of 12 3-in-1 Gel Polishes in vibrant colours for those who embrace their spotlight.

So, ready to light it all up?

Our favorite: The Nova color , a bright and cheerful yellow that will take you straight to the Caribbean. The whole collection can be found here .

If you have a highest number of C

Sunset: for lounging at the beach all day


You've been waiting for it all year: it's finally time to give yourself some well deserved time off and enjoy the warm season. It's time for sunsets, walks by the sea and afternoons that gently drift by with a good book in hand. And for your summer to be fully successful, don't forget to treat yourself to a new manicure to try out new colours. Red, beige or orange: our Sunset collection offers 12 3-in-1 Gel Polishes reminiscent of the shades of the setting sun.

What will be your favorite summer colour?

Our favourite: The color Nadia, a festive glittery orange, which reminds us of the warm colours of summer evenings. The whole collection can be found here .

We want to see your most original nail art this summer!

On Instagram or on Tiktok, don't hesitate to share your prettiest manicures with us by tagging us on your post or by mentioning #LookyMani!

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