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All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Le verdict de Mamans avec opinions sur les soins Èle

The verdict of Moms with opinions on Èle care

Èle by Elle R Cosmetics

By Mélanie Little

On March 27th, Elle R Cosmetics invited me to attend the launch of their Èle products! Unfortunately, I had to decline the invitation. Luckily, because I generally love her products, Elle R Cosmetics thought of me and sent me some samples from her new collection in the mail. Today, I will have the pleasure to talk to you about Èle products and its muse, Patricia Paquin, who participated in the elaboration of the products from A to Z: choice of ingredients, scents, packaging, name ("Èle" for "elle", simple, isn't it?!), textures, guideline, ads, etc. By the way, BRAVO for the aesthetics of your products, it's very colorful and inviting. Even the inside of the boxes is UNIQUE and COMFORTING.

Made of 85% natural ingredients, each product is made from the 2CTL complex, a botanical blend with many virtues. I'll let you judge for yourself...

What is the 2CTL complex?

It's a patent-pending complex exclusive to Elle R Cosmetics, composed of chamomile, cranberry, green tea and alfalfa that has been shown to be more than beneficial to the skin! Nature's bounty combined to create a natural formula with professional results! Find the formula in the Èle line of products by Elle R Cosmétiques and benefit from its virtues for the skin!

The Èle products

The complete line includes: anti-aging repair products to fight wrinkles (day, night and eye contour), protective and moisturizing face care products (day, night and lips), cleansing face care products (make-up remover oil, cleansing gel and exfoliating scrub), as well as a body care product (a dry oil for the body) The price of each product ranges from 9.99 $ to 39.99 $, which is very affordable.

My 2 favourite products

1. The Gentle Lip Care , a light but effective care that moisturizes my lips and fills all my little holes. 7 g / 9,99 $

Interesting fact:Its intense repairing effect can also be used for cuticles, chapped cheeks in winter season and even elbows! - Elle R Cosmetics

2. L’Dry oil - The classic, a body oil that not only smells like a rose*, but also softens, smoothes and soothes my skin while avoiding the usual greasy effect of oil.

Interesting fact: it is not sticky at all when applied.

Every night, before going to bed, I apply it mainly on my face and every time, it's like diving head first into a huge rose garden. The smell is divine... In short, I love this product.

In conclusion, be positive, be sparkling, be dynamic, be YOU! And treat yourself to a few quality products that suit your skin - you deserve it!

Èle products are available in pharmacies and online at


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