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**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Elle R Cosmétiques et son tout nouveau produit!

Elle R Cosmetics and its brand new product!

Launching a brand new cosmetic product? Ready, not ready, I was definitely going! So I went to Le Crystal Hotel for a 5@7 cutie, where appetizers, cupcakes, wine, photobooth and beautiful meetings were presented to us (yes, this event was for all the "girls" of this world, and I am very much part of it!)

At first glance, the event seemed mysterious... until we discovered the product: an ingenious mascara! You know the new mascaras with fibres? Well, Elle R Cosmetics has designed the same kind of product with a few differences: price, brush handling and accessibility!

For the sum of 25.99 $, we have a mascara of superior quality, but more than affordable (me, I buy!)! Also, the Looky Eyes 3D has a small brush that allows you to work each lash with precision. A good thing for me who always ends up buttering my upper eyelid in the morning at 7am! I was saying the word "accessible" earlier, right? Well, I didn't lie to you! You can find this little wonder in any drugstore near you. But let's not kid ourselves: the product sells out like crazy!

Explain the application to me, please!

First, we have two brushes! One to apply the gel that wets the lashes and the other one filled with green tea and nylon fibers that let you know you've had a smooth application of false eyelashes... without having needed it! Before applying the gel on the lashes, we must put our own mascara. The Looky Eyes 3D only gives even more amplitude on the already made-up lashes. I summarize: one coat of our pref mascara, one coat (or two) of gel, one coat of fiber and a very last coat of gel! So there are many steps, but when it's all done... tadam! A real princess look you'll have!

The short story of Elle R Cosmetics

Elle R Cosmetics is a young company that was created two years ago. Its founder, Benoit Lussier, wanted to create high quality products that were both accessible and affordable. Always on the lookout for the latest beauty trends, the company has not finished impressing! In fact, Mr. Lussier secretly told us that the company has a ton of new products to come. His clues as to what's new: a new line of banana-based skincare products, hair care products, and more! What Elle R Cosmetics wants first and foremost? Reinvent what is already on the market, but better! We can't wait to see it!

My impression, you know!

I was really thinking about getting false eyelashes (like almost all girls in 2015), but I thank Looky Eyes 3D! You just saved me a 50 $ a month for lashes that probably would have fallen on my nerves after half an hour!

I applied my brand new Looky Eyes 3D for the very first time for a romantic evening with my boy! My impression? Hello, I had the eyelashes of a doll all evening (the art of feeling like a doll to the max... I love it!). When I applied it, I found the Gel brush to be simply perfect! It brushes the lashes well, separates them and makes them look wonderful! When I put the fibers on top, I must admit that I needed a lot more precision. In fact, I advise you to put it only on the tips of your lashes so that you don't get too much! The step not to neglect? Put the gel back on after applying the fibers, since they must be very well fixed to avoid any fall.

Finally, the Looky Eyes 3D is perfect to have a Star look on those days when you are more or less fine. I'm telling you: ungloss, high heels and the Looky Eyes 3D on your lashes... the world has not finished hearing about you! You go girl!

To get it? Visit your local pharmacy or online here ! Enjoy!

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