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All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
**FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of 50 $ and more before taxes **.
All products available on the store will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days!
Des sourcils de rêve en deux minutes top chrono!

Dreamy eyebrows in two minutes flat!

As we know, thick, full eyebrows are the trend. Just look at the eyebrows of beautiful supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne or check out the Instagram accounts of makeup artists around the world to see that eyebrows are indeed the new fashion accessory par excellence. However, we don't just want them wide, we want them thick and full!

However, if you were born before the 1990s, you may well have abused the tweezers (yes, we follow the trends, it's normal). Today, I'm introducing you to a little miracle product that will certainly make you forget the days of well-defined eyebrows. I'm talking about: Looky Brow by Elle R Cosmetics!

Looky Brow was launched less than a month ago in Quebec and already, this product is a hit on beauty blogs and social networks, with good reason! So what is Looky Brow? It's a makeup product, made of nylon fibers, that allows us to fill in the bald spots of our eyebrows or simply to intensify what we already have. Looky Brow is available in three shades (dark blonde, brown and dark brown) and therefore, the product also colors our eyebrows. In short, it's just what we're looking for, all in one bottle!

I was really looking forward to try this new product and I was not disappointed! Well, I must admit that I'm lucky enough to have escaped the trend of plucked eyebrows. I have nice thick eyebrows but I don't like their natural color (which looks like a flat dark grey) and I find them a bit bald in some places. So Looky Brow really works wonders on me! I really like the punch it gives to my eyes. It makes all the difference!

Moreover, its application is simple and efficient! No need to draw our eyebrows with a pencil anymore, Looky Brow does all the work in one go. However, I advise you to apply it before applying eye makeup or doing your complexion since there may be some tiny fibers falling on your face when applying the product.

I also tested the product on my sister who has thinner eyebrows than I do and she LOVED the result! We did the test of applying Looky Brow only on one side, and nothing on the other. You have to admit that the right eyebrow really looks fuller! The effect is crazy and instantaneous! Plus, you don't need to be a pro to apply it! The fibers really cling to your natural eyebrow, so it's almost impossible to make a mistake.

Finally, this is a product that I totally recommend! And I must emphasize the fact that it is a Quebec innovation! Indeed, Looky Brow was created by the Quebec brand Elle R Cosmétiques, founded in 2013 in Quebec by Benoit Lussier. This young company, which we already know for its famous 3D LookyEyes mascara, is very promising and always on the lookout for new beauty trends.

Clearly, it's a name to remember and products to discover!

Looky Brow is available in pharmacies and online at for 19.99$.

Do you like full brows? I'm curious to know if it's an important step in your makeup routine or not?





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